That's why you should participate and compete in OBA

The purpose of Organic Beauty Awards is to make more people discover and use natural organic cosmetics. Efficient products that are as good for people's health and well-being as they are for our planet. All products entered in 'OBA' undergoes a thourough process to ensure that the awards goes to the absolute top products in the category. In this process, the quality and content of the products are controlled, a qualified jury then tests the products during a 3-month period and experts review the sustainability aspects of the brand. The competition is arranged by NOC Sweden, a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and use of natural organic cosmetics in Sweden.

Organic Beauty Awards is an annual award for products within the natural organic cosmetic category. The competion is arranged by NOC Sweden.


All of the following steps has to be fulfilled in order to successfully enter a product into the competition.

  • 1 form per product has to be filled in. This means if the same product is entered into e.g. 2  categories, 2 forms has to be filled in. Entries are made here. Please add and to your address book in order not to miss any information from us.
  • The fee for entry is invoiced by NOC Sweden after the entry. Failing to pay may lead to disqualification, but the claim remains.
  • 10 products per entry should be sent for the jury to test (read more below) (if a product is entered into 2 categories, 20 products should be sent).
  • The products should be sent to the project manager of NOC Sweden Susanne Hovenäs.
Susanne Hovenäs
Flädervägen 6B 1/2 tr
121 34 Enskededalen
Mobile: 073-3004987
  • NOTE! The box should be clearly marked with "OBA 2024"
  • Please enclose information relevant to describe the sustainability concept of the brand. 2 copies. Note that the information has to be submitted
  • by brand and not by entered product. It is up to the brand to describe the sustainability concept in the best possible way so that our sustainability experts can make an easy and relevant assessment. We recommend this is prepared well in advance.
  • The products and information should be at us no later than 30th of November 2023. The OBA management team decides whether a product fulfills the basic
    requirement of the competition. If not, the brand in question will be contacted.

Help and tips for filling out the entry form.

  • Product designation. Please do not include the brand name in the product name. The brand name is entered in a separate field.
  • Size. Volume or weight.
  • Motivation/Product advantanges brief. Max 150 characters including blanks. A selling description of the product and its' benefits.
  • Motivation/Product advantanges long. 300-500 characters including blanks. A selling description of the product and its' advantages. Please note that the brief and long description will be used separately.
  • Image. Image of the product in a format suitable for web. We appreciate an isolated image, but if not available please use a neutral background.

Other things to consider

  • An entered product will go through a quality control to ensure that products lacking a certification lies within the frame of what can be considered as natural organic cosmetics. The control is headed by Anna Irestig and Katarina Sundlöf-Jibréus. Products with an approved certification is automatically approved but all products are reviewed concerning content as our quality experts also assesses and score the content of the products.  
  • Please note the products sent will not be returned even if a product does not pass the quality control and the fee will not be credited.
  • Submitted information shall be truthful. Lack thereof may lead to disqualification.
  • The submitting brand approves for OBA to market and highlight their product within the frame of the competition and/or together with the sponsors of the competition.
  • Tip: If you wish to include general information about the product, a brochure or product leaflet, please do so. Please consider the number of copies, the regular jury of each category consist of 5 persons, the quality jury of 2 persons and the sustainability jury of 2 persons.

The competition is open both for members of NOC Sweden and non-members. The following requirements should be fulfilled.

  • The product should be made available for the jury according to the time-frames (see above). The product shall in essence fulfill Swedish requirement concerning product information according to the guidelines from the Swedish medical agency.
  • The product should be an NOC-product and fit into any of the presented categories.
  • The product should have one of the approved certifications or be considered having a corresponding quality (approx. Ecocert requirements). The assessment is made by OBA quality jury and cannot be appealed.
  • No gift boxes or campaign articles. Only products from the regular assortment are allowed.
  • Max 3 products per category can be entered by each brand. Exception, 'Product of the Year' where one product per brand can be entered.
  • Products for "New product of the Year" should be launched after 1st of January 2022. Can also be unlaunched products as long as they are made available for the jury according to the set time frames.
  • Products that previously have won an OBA category may not be entered again within a period of 4 years. The exception is 'Product of the Year' where a product may not be re-entered after having won.

With the exception of 'Product of the Year' which is voted online, the winners are appointed by a jury according to the below criteria. Points are given on scale from 1-5 with the exception of sustainability where the scale is 1-3.

  • Efficiency – how well the product fulfills its' promise. Weight: 1
  • Sensation – scent, feeling on the skin, the sensation overall at usage. Weight: 1
  • Application – how user friendly the product is perceived to be. Weight: 1
  • Impression – price/value as well as the design/visual impression of the product. Weight: 1
  • Content – high natural and organic content is promoted. In addition, innovation and composition is part of the assessment. Weight: 1. This assessment is made by an expert jury.
  • Sustainability – the environmental aspects of the product, the sustainability concept including packaging, transportation and the principles for production. Weight: 1. Vikt: 1. This assessment is made by an expert jury.


  • Information submitted shall be truthful.

The assessment of the products are made by our test jury.
The competition is planned and arranged by the OBA management.

The sustainability assessment is made by our sustainability experts.


  • Members of NOC Sweden: 700 kr (70€) (ex VAT)/ product / category
  • Others: 1400 kr (140€) (ex VAT)/ product / category

The same product can be entered into several categories, e.g. one regular category, one news category and 'Product of the Year'. In this case 3 fees has to be paid and 30 products sent in.

NOC Sweden welcome new members, and it is possible to sign up for membership in connection to entering products into OBA. In this case the lower member entry fees apply. The membership cost for NOC Sweden depends on sales in Sweden, but is fairly low. Read more here.


  • The winners are announced at a media event in May 2024.
  • All nominated products can use the nomination logo for marketing purposes. The winners may also use the winner logotype.
  • The winners will also be highlighted in social media, press releases and other channels.